2019 Tigerboard Football Prediction Contest

Welcome to the 2019 Tigerboard.com Football Prediction Contest. Correctly pick the scores of Missouri's games this season and you could win some cold, hard cash!

The Basics

The premise is simple. Just pick how many points the Tigers and their opponents will score in each game this season. The closer you are to the actual score, the more contest points you score. Score more contest points during the season than anyone else and you will the money!

The Scoring

The person closest to the actual score will receive 100 contest points. The farther away your prediction is from the actual score, the fewer contest points you will receive.

If you predict either Missouri's or their opponents score exactly, you receive 10 bonus points. If you predict both scores exactly, you receive 20 more bonus points (40 bonus points total). If you predict either Missouri's rushing and/or passing yards within 10 yards of the actual total, you receive 5 bonus points.

The most contest points you can score in one week is 150 points.

The Rules

You must be a registered member of Tigerboard to participate.

Picks for each game are due before kickoff. You will not be able to make changes after the game's scheduled kickoff time.

If Mizzou makes a championship and/or bowl game, it will be added to the contest.

Ties will be broken by coin toss.

All decisions of the judges are final.

The Prizes

First Prize: $250

Second Prize: $100

Third Prize: $50

Enter Your Picks Now!